Ages 3 - K

What To Bring (Age 3 )
When packing a diaper bag for your child, please include the following items:

Two or three disposable diapers. No cloth diapers, please.

Pacifier or other item, should your child need it for security.

A complete change of clothes in case your child would require that.

Please label all personal items with your child's first and last name before arriving at your child's class. This helps us keep track of your child's items.

Check-In Process
When entering a classroom the children are given a name tag for personal identification, and are invited to participate in a variety of activities during the check-in period.  This gives the nursery worker the opportunity to interact with the children and make them feel at ease. Nursery workers try to create an enjoyable learning environment to ease any separation anxieties that they may experience.  The adult checking the child into the classroom is given an identification label that is necessary to release the child at the end of the service hour.

Saying Good-bye
After you have completed the check-in process, simply wave a quick good-bye and leave for the worship service. As you know, it is normal for little ones to cry when leaving a parent. This does not last long, and separation becomes easier over time. Our nursery workers will immediately try to create interest in a toy or activity and give assurance that you will return after the worship service is completed. If your child cries for an extended period of time of 10 minutes, we will call you.

Snacks are provided for the children once they graduate to the 3-K classroom. If your child has an allergy, please inform the nursery worker when you check in your child. We try to have a variety of healthy and regular snacks.

Checking On Your Child
Feel free to check on your little one at any time during the worship service. However, we ask that you do so discreetly, trying not to let your child see you.

Check-Out Process
To retrieve a child from our classrooms you will be required to provide the identification label that you were given when checking in the child.